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Licensing ACA

By licensing ACA’s patent portfolio, related software and know-how, you can eliminate the administrative burdens of managing inflexible traditional loans. Further, you can provide a unique and sensible loan solution for Plan Participants that reduces borrowing and plan leakage. The ACA patented and patents pending technology provides original products and services that have been utilized by some of the nation’s leading Recordkeepers. ACA is flexible and adaptable to operate on Recordkeeper software platforms. We also offer the Access Control Advantage Retirement Distribution Program.

We make it easy to implement ACA, with two options:

License ACA’s patent portfolio and related software to provide a customized client solution:

  • Adapt product offering
  • Customize pricing and fees for your market
  • Control and tailor operational and IT functionality
  • Access future patents

Partner with an authorized ACA service provider to efficiently offer ACA to your clients:

  • Expand product offering
  • Decrease time to market
  • Leverage operations
  • Reduce up-front investment

ACA’s proven solution for qualified loan processing provides a controlled environment that respects the integrity and importance of saving for retirement through defined contribution plans. This one-of-a-kind solution provides more for Recordkeepers, Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants.

For Recordkeepers:

  • Eliminates cumbersome, manual loan administration
  • Reduces workload
  • Reduces plan leakage
  • Frees you from tasks for which you’re not being paid
  • Gives you more time to focus on building and servicing your own business

For Plan Sponsors:

  • Lowers plan administration costs
  • Eliminates loan repayment via payroll deduction
  • Keeps more assets in the plan
  • Encourages employee participation
  • Reduces participant borrowing and facilitates faster repayment

For Plan Participants:

  • Facilitates borrowing only the amount needed exactly when needed
  • Enables faster loan payback
  • Can eliminate forced distribution and the tax consequences thereof
  • Payments can continue even in the event of separation from the employer
  • Preserves assets and keeps more money in their retirement plan

For more information, or to begin the easy process of licensing ACA, please contact:
Bruce Bent II, President and Chief Executive Officer

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